Dry Vent Cleaning

Tru-Fresh Houston Air takes care of your Dryer Vent Cleaning/Laundry Duct Cleaning need anywhere in Texas. You can call us today to discuss your Dryer Vent Cleaning need.

We Provide our Dryer Vent Cleaning Service to Residential Care Homes, Laundrettes, and Hotels. The cleaning of dryer vents is essential due to potential fire risks. Accumulated lint is highly flammable and can quickly ignite if a fire has started within the dryer. This build-up of debris inside the duct will fuel the fire and cause it to spread throughout the building.

Vent Cleaning Professionals in Houston

The Tru-Fresh cleaning technicians work with a dedication to the task assigned, taking pride in our reputation, and delivering real customer satisfaction and value for money. Our consistent quality delivery and growing reputation make many clients to continually book our Dryer Vent Cleaning service. You can rest assured that your home and business will be fully compliant with Health and Safety Regulations.

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