Air Duct Cleaning

Are you looking for the finest and safest duct cleaning solutions in Houston, Texas? We are a team of experienced, licensed, and certified duct cleaners. We deliver guaranteed duct cleaning services at the lowest prices in Houston and its surrounding. Give us a call and get a professional duct cleaning help for the smooth functioning of your ducts throughout the year!

Air ducts are the network of pipes through which air passes while ventilating a building. The system starts at the Air Handling Unit (AHU) and weaves behind ceilings and walls through the building. Air is passed into rooms through vent grilles, most often located in ceilings with air being diffused or directed depending on room occupancy and cooling or warming requirements.

The Internal Surfaces of your Air ducts can become dirty for many reasons.

  • When the air supplied from the ventilation systems isn’t clean.

  • Lint generated from clothes

  • Hair and skin cells from home occupants

  • Fibers released from carpets

  • Fur from that lovely pet of yours

All of this debris is drawn into the ductwork as air is circulated throughout your property and builds up within the ducts, becoming trapped in corners, seams, and damper mechanisms. This can lead to carbon footprint, sick building syndrome and more.

Domestic or Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Our Services are available to meet domestic & commercial duct cleaning requirements. We provide site surveys, reports, and guidance on cleaning and maintenance regimes and contracts for projects ranging from single buildings to multi-site operations. We work with a variety of building operators, including local authorities, schools, hotels, and offices. Our company can provide fixed-term contracts to reduce the administrative burden associated with ad hoc cleaning work. Our agreements also provide certainty of budget and demonstrate a commitment to cleanliness.

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