About Us

TRU-FRESH Houston Air is a modern age company with a new and fresh approach to the air duct cleaning industry. We provide a thorough and professional level of air duct services for residential and commercial clients in all of Houston, Texas, and the surrounding cities.

Owned and run by a 35 years young, dedicated local entrepreneur, our company’s reputation is edged on quality workmanship and great attention to details which have set us apart from other companies offering duct cleaning in Houston Texas.

We provide you with excellent value without compromising on quality. From the cleaning of all supply vents to the cleaning of all return vents, the main trunk line and external cleaning of the heater and blower, the TRU-FRESH Houston Air duct cleaning professionals clean your system without a mess with the latest duct cleaning technology and equipment.

At TRU-FRESH Houston Air, our passion and drive to be the leaders in the duct cleaning industry means that our cleaning processes are constantly analyzed to achieve excellence in the duct cleaning industry. We promote healthy indoor air quality, reduce allergies and asthma, and help people live a better life. Our dedicated and qualified team provides a complete and thorough duct cleaning service to meet the demands and requirements of every client.

Customers-First Practice From TRU-FRESH Houston Air

TRU-FRESH Houston Air has a practical customer-first approach to service delivery. From the time of your first contact with us, we get you aware and involved in the duct cleaning process. And answering your questions and tailoring the duct cleaning to match your need of a sparkling clean air duct for your property.


Tru-Fresh Houston Air cleaned my air ducts and my drier vent for the second time in two years. I was pleased with the price and the quality. They were very clean and politely answered all my questions and walked me through the whole process. I did not even have to ask to see before and after picture. I am very happy with this company.

Philip W.

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